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Stainless Steel Anti-Seize NPT

Subsea SN Stainless Steel Anti-Seize is designed to prevent galling on NPT stainless steel threaded connections. Commonly used in pressure applications, this thread compound lowers torque requirements, reduces friction and is equally effective on ferrous alloys. Capable of sealing to 20,000 psi, the high concentration of PTFE eliminates the need for Teflon tape. In the case of damaged threads, PTFE is compressed into the roots to maintain a leak free connection. Subsea SN’s ability to seal spiral leaks, eliminate galling and reduce friction delivers confidence to engineers with challenging applications.

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Item Value
Appearance Yellow, grainy
Base oil  Synthetic
Four ball weld load (ASTM D2596) >800 kg
Temperature range  20oF to 550oF
Copper corrosion tarnish @ 100oC (D 130) 1b
Metals content none
K factor (316 stainless steel)  0.133
Petroleum hydrocarbons content none