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Drilling Contractor saves $800K working with The Subsea Company

Drilling contractor saves $800K working with The Subsea Company to solve their OEM related parts issue. 

May 2015, a drilling contractor was advised by an OEM that the solution to a reoccurring equipment failure was going to cost 1.2 million dollars in new parts even after the OEM had lowered the price three times. The Subsea Company was able to provide parts exceeding the OEM specifications with tight quality control and databooks for less than $400,000 – saving the customer $800,000 on just one type of part.

During these current market conditions and the cost savings initiatives that all drilling contractors are facing, this sort of unexpected expenditure can be devastating to any operational budget. Having worked with The Subsea Company before, the drilling contractor requested we look at the problem and quote a viable solution. By listening to the drilling contractor and working closely with them, The Subsea Company learned there were also corrosion issues with this component and provided a solution that not only addressed the material deficiency but also provided a special coating to more effectively address corrosion.

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