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Choke and Kill Stab


Patent 11/895,692

Choke and Kill stabs are used on sub-sea BOP stacks. They provide a high-pressure fluid connection between the lower BOP and the LMRP. Our patent pending design has an extremely low separating force between the male and female receptacle. It is similar to a pressure-balanced ROV stab, except it is specifically designed to the choke/kill line application.

It cannot get stuck during an emergency disconnect event.


  • BOP Stacks
  • Production Trees, manifolds and tie-ins

Benefits and Features

  • Reduced downtime and lost revenue because it solves known problems in the industry with the other connectors
  • Less maintenance
  • Low separating forces that might damage the BOP outlets or BOP frame
  • Retractable male stab to aid with angular misalignment in the BOP guide frame
  • Dual poly-pack seals on the male stab. No AX gasket to get cocked Options
  • 10,000 or 15,000 psi rating
  • Custom design if requested

Known failures with other equipment:

  • Failure to unlatch, failure to connect
  • AX gasket damaged
  • Wash-out on BOP outlet
  • Galling of connection
  • Leaks