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Accumulator Manifold


Standard subsea accumulators come with NPT or other threaded connections that are used to attach accumulators to manifolds. When used on BOP stacks, these connections sometimes leak – resulting in stack pulls and needless rig downtime.

We offer improved manifolds and replacement poppet designs that utilize a modified Code 62 SAE connection. The connection uses a radial seal that is more reliable than threaded connections. Manifolds can also be provided with isolation valves and gauges to reduce downtime caused by single point failures.

There have been a variety of failures associated with subsea accumulators that resulted in stack pulls. Most of them could have been prevented if there had been a better design. They include: leaking NPT threads between accumulator and manifold, carbon steel plugs blown out at accumulator, failure to charge accumulator while running BOP that resulted in top loading accumulator leaks, inability to read pressure in isolated accumulators in auto-shear circuit.

Benefits and Features

  • Improved reliability and less downtime
  • Reliable radial seals between manifold and accumulator. Dual seals.
  • Optional isolation ball valve to seal off the manifold in the event of a leak
  • Optional ROV observable gauges
  • Custom manifolds and replacement poppets available