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Rigid Conduit Manifold


Reduce downtime caused by unreliable rigid conduit manifolds!

We build rig specific rigid conduit valve packages designed to improve reliability and reduce rig downtime. Our manifolds are cost effective, minimize the number of connections, incorporate lessons learned and make for a much neater BOP.

Are you looking to improve your BOP stack reliability? If so contact us for a rigid conduit manifold quotation. We can either build our design from scratch or incorporate your components into a better layout.


  • As part of a new subsea control system
  • Replacement conduit manifold for problematic or high risk equipment

Benefits and Features

  • Reduced rig downtime and lost revenue as a result of fewer failures
  • Improved maintenance as a result of better access
  • Better packaging than what may be offered by other manufacturers


  • Units can be custom built so they are controlled exactly the same as the equipment already installed on the rig
  • ROV operable valves and other components can be incorporated into the design so that a single failure in the manifold is much less likely to result in pulling the BOP
  • Designed for single or dual rigid conduit and hot lines with or without cross-over valves
  • Our manifolds can solve these problems: corroded seal plates, crushed SPM cages, loose fittings, blown off fittings, filters installed backwards, supply lines did not go through filter, flow meters installed backwards, blown out turbine blades, leaking flush valve, check valve leaks, blown face o-rings, POCV failures, no way to bring BOP on line and many more…