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Vacuum Test Kit

A complete system for quick and reliable vacuum testing

The Subsea Company’s Vacuum Test Kit provides one complete system and all the equipment necessary for a subsea professional to pull a vacuum and make a record of the event. Our efficient system provides everything you need for efficient vacuum testing that saves time and money. It consists of two enclosures: One enclosure contains the pump, hoses and manifold with vacuum gauge and the other contains two independent electronic chart recorders.

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The Subsea Company’s Vacuum Test Kit

With our system, a subsea professional can pull vacuum on two assemblies at once while each vacuum line is isolated. Two single-pen chart recorders can be connected to the vacuum manifold to enable logging and documentation of the pulled vacuum.

When submerging any enclosure subsea, removal of entrained moisture in the form of water vapor is essential for proper equipment reliability and operation. Our Vacuum Test Kit specifically accommodates the removal of moisture-laden air and allows the subsea engineer or specialist to draw a vacuum on one or two pieces of equipment and then produce a chart paper record.

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Vacuum System Compact Portable Assembly Vacuum Pump Assembly With Case 10 CFM Chart Recorder Vacuum Assemably With Two Electronic Single Pen Circular Recorders In Case