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BOP Fluid Filtration Feature2

BOP Fluid Filtration

BOP Fluid Filtration Unit in stock and ready for delivery. Includes dual filters, ph & conductivity sensors, graphing display unit, pump timer, UV light, valves and stainless enclosure. For more information, click here.

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BOP Ram Cavity Cover Protector

Protect your ram type Blowout Preventers (BOP) and rig revenue from accidental damage to the sealing surfaces with our BOP Ram Cavity Protectors. In stock at The Subsea Company. Contact us at sales@thesubsea.com

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Accumulator Racks

The Subsea Company’s standard accumulator racks come with four to twenty-four 15-gallon bottles with a rated working pressure of 5,000 psi. Units include factory acceptance testing, load testing, ball valves, by-pass and bleed valves, gauges, marine coating, phenolic ID coating, … Learn More [...]

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Subsea_valve-wide 5

Subsea Valves

Our manipulator and selector style subsea valves are a good alternative to standard ROV receptacles. Features include: 3-position, 4-way, in manipulator or selector style 5,000 psi working pressure Corrosion resistant body and components Corrosion resistant long lasting gates and seal … Learn More [...]

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ROV Panel post cover

ROV Panel Assembly

Here is the latest ROV Panel being assembled for one of our customers.

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vacuum kit 4

The Subsea Company Announces New 2018 Vacuum Test ...

2018 Vacuum Kit Key Features Compact, portable system Rugged storage and shipping containers Simple set-up and operation Reliable components and accessories High-accuracy electronics Comes in two different compartments Can be bought separately 

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subse bop drift 2018

The Subsea Company Announces New 2018 BOP Drifts

BOP Drifts in Multiple Varieties Drifting the Blow-Out Preventers (BOP) saves Contractors, Oil Companies and OEMs money. Our BOP Drifts are customized for our customers specific needs! Key Features include: Rugged & Durable Cost-Effective Pull Tested and Certified Compact & Storage Compatible … Learn More [...]

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Coflex Hose Swivels

Low Cost Coflex Hose Swivels

Simplified design and serviceability saves time & money!   With dozens of our heavy duty high pressure swivels for choke & kill, mud boost and hydraulic lines in service without any failures, The Subsea Company expands the swivel product line … Learn More [...]

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subsea gauges

The Subsea Company Announces Full Range of Subsea ...

Subsea Gauges – Good! Better! Best! Subsea pressure gauges with ranges from negative 5000 to 20,000 psi are now standard product and readily available. These gauges are offered at three pricing values. GOOD! Rugged and designed to offer superior corrosion … Learn More [...]

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pump skid 3

Pump Skid – Recirculates BOP Fluid

The Subsea Company compact modular pump skid design recirculates BOP fluid from mix tank through BOP fluid filtration system to improve BOP fluid quality Offshore Blow-Out Preventer (BOP) fluids are critical to the reliability and functioning of the BOP control … Learn More [...]

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ROV Panels – BSEE Compliance

The Subsea Company delivers ROV panels to support major drilling contractors with BSEE requirements. The Subsea Company thrives on assisting customers with design details of critical high spec value equipment & systems quickly and cost effectively to meet and support the … Learn More [...]

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The Subsea Company Expands BOP Fluid Filtration Pr...

BOP Fluid Quality Monitoring & Filtration The Subsea Company adds NAS/ISO fluid quality monitoring to their innovative BOP Fluid filtration product line. This low cost panel can be mounted on the mix tank or supplied on a skid with and … Learn More [...]

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test panels

Test Panels

The Subsea Company delivers innovative design, improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs Offshore deepwater drilling operations normally require pressure testing of the auxiliary lines while running riser. Failure to test the riser while it is being deployed can lead to … Learn More [...]

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Subsea Bench

Hydraulic Test Benches Save Drilling Contractors M...

The Subsea Company Modular Test Bench Design helps the Subsea Professional vet hydraulic control component integrity prior to installation on BOP Many offshore drilling contractors are experiencing BOP component failures on their new or recently serviced BOP drilling controls. Pressure … Learn More [...]

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Coflex Hose High Pressure Swivels

Press Release: The Subsea Company prepares to laun...

Coflex Hose High Pressure Swivels - Superior design and serviceability saves time & money With dozens of high pressure swivels for choke & kill, mud boost and hydraulic lines in service without any failures, it’s time to let the world know … Learn More [...]

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BOP Fluid Quality Monitoring

NAS/ISO BOP Fluid Quality Monitoring

The Subsea Company launches BOP Fluid Quality Monitoring System October 16, 2015 (Houston, TX) – The Subsea Company adds NAS/ISO fluid quality monitoring to their innovative BOP Fluid Conditioning & Monitoring System. With several systems already in the field, customers are … Learn More [...]

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RAM Cavity Protection

Universal RAM Cavity Protection

Prevents damage during servicing and storage BOP RAM cavities surfaces are critical to proper operation and sealing of BOP Doors. Protecting these surfaces during servicing and storage can protect the drilling contractor’s investment and assure the BOP cavity a long … Learn More [...]

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Offshore Drilling

Drilling Contractor saves $800K working with The S...

Drilling contractor saves $800K working with The Subsea Company to solve their OEM related parts issue.  May 2015, a drilling contractor was advised by an OEM that the solution to a reoccurring equipment failure was going to cost 1.2 million … Learn More [...]

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Remove Entrained Moisture with Vacuum Test Kit

The Subsea Company launches Vacuum Test Kit When submerging any enclosure subsea, removal of entrained moisture in the form of water vapor is essential for equipment reliability and proper operation. The Vacuum Test Kit is specifically designed for the Subsea … Learn More [...]

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Retractable MUX Clamp Saves Time & Money

How could a MUX clamp save time and money? Two ways actually! #1 During riser deployment, attaching MUX clamps and assuring they are closed properly to hold the Hotline and MUX cable is potentially a hit and miss process. Often … Learn More [...]

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Test BOP & Controls with Hotline Panel

The Subsea Company launches Hotline Control Panel for Hydraulic Testing Robust user friendly design assures fast safe and reliable testing The Subsea Company Hotline Control Panel uses only name brand components and is engineered for a safe and reliable hydraulic … Learn More [...]

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Subsea Innovation Improves BOP Fluid Quality

The Subsea Company launches BOP Fluid Conditioning & Quality Monitoring System February 26, 2015 (Houston, TX) – The Subsea Company launches their innovative BOP Fluid Conditioning & Monitoring System. With several systems already in the field, customers are reporting much … Learn More [...]

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Subsea Lubricants Provide Extreme Protection

The Subsea Company announces specially formulated lubricants providing optimized protection in severe offshore environments. When offshore conditions are severe, the offshore industry needs reliable parts and working equipment coupled with the advanced technology to hold it all together. This month … Learn More [...]

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TSC Launches 16 BOP Drift Variations

The Subsea Company launches 16 innovative BOP Drift Variations in accordance with API 16A, Third Edition that will reduce risk. June 19, 2014 (Houston, TX) – The Subsea Company has been busy innovating tomorrow’s standards with a recent launch of … Learn More [...]

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Avoid Downtime with New Pressure Gauges

The Subsea Company improves its line of True Precision Pressure Gauges. At The Subsea Company, innovation comes standard. Since last year, the manufacturing company has been tweaking its already precise proprietary equipment and parts and ensuring that all Subsea Pressure … Learn More [...]

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API: EPA Rule Would Create Net Cost, Not Benefit f...

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed New Source Performance Standards for emissions from oil and natural gas development would cost the U.S. oil and gas industry $783 million over the four-year period following the rule’s implementation, said Howard Feldman, … Learn More [...]

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ENSCO Orders Drillship with Retractable Thrusters!...

At first it looked like just another drillship order. Samsung Heavy wins a $645 million order to build a DP3 drillship for ENSCO, however buried in the middle of the press release read: “New features on ENSCO DS-8 include retractable thrusters, … Learn More [...]

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