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The Subsea Company Announces Full Range of Subsea Pressure Gauges

Subsea Gauges – Good! Better! Best!

Subsea pressure gauges with ranges from negative 5000 to 20,000 psi are now standard product and readily available. These gauges are offered at three pricing values.


Rugged and designed to offer superior corrosion resistance, Subsea Pressure Gauges provide excellent subsea performance with high quality internal stainless materials providing precise temperature and pressure compensation. Each Subsea Pressure Gauge has an advanced bourdon tube design and is manufactured for long-term, deep-water deployment. Subsea Gauges are designed to pass annual calibrations and recertification. The Zytel case provides superior corrosion and chemical resistance with a flexible structure that adds reliability to the internal breathing diaphragm for better depth compensation. The black face with white lettering on the gauge provides exceptional readability in low light conditions.


Having your Subsea gauges calibrated and shipped with a calibration certificate ultimately saves time and money,” said Ron Haehn, Sales & Marketing Manager for The Subsea Company. “Our gauges are accurate at any depth providing the user with reliable and precise pressure measurement readings.”


The ultimate reliability and performance is achieved when you choose the “Subsea Certified” option. Subsea certification combines the value of calibration verification and proof of performance at subsea depths up to 10,000 feet.

For more information on our Subsea Gauges visit our website: www.thesubsea.com, or email us at: sales@thesubsea.com - Download our Product Overview Brochure here