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The Subsea Company can help. Our management has built, operated, maintained and repaired deep-water rigs and subsea equipment for over 30 years. We’ve experienced the frustration of making a short-term fix versus implementing a real solution. That’s why we formed The Subsea Company to prevent problems and provide true solutions for subsea safety, reliability, efficiency and profitability. We offer innovative, quality products designed specifically to avoid setbacks, as well as professional assistance to quickly solve critical equipment failures.

Everything we have worked on is related to reliability and efficiency.

When it comes to offshore drilling, reliability is paramount. Things have to work safely and effectively. The smallest subsea equipment malfunction or broken component can mean serious ramifications for your operation. An equipment failure or serious incident can lead to injuries, downtime and the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not billions, until the situation is resolved.

We spend our days designing new products that prevent critical failures and optimize the performance of your offshore operation. We also focus on developing tactical solutions for repairs that get existing equipment back to work faster, more effectively and for the long-term.

Improving Reliability. Mitigating Safety Risks. Reducing Overall Expenses.